na helu

A unique location also known as the Polish Dubai


At least 10 days before the jump

Skoki spadochronowe - hel

A tandem jump from 4000 meters is a 3 in 1 viewpoint. The Baltic Sea, the Hel Peninsula and the Bay of Gdańsk create an image from above that will remain in your memory forever, and the photos and video from the jump will delight all viewers. When you hang out on the beach, you don't know how beautiful it is when you are high in the sky. You have only seen the shape of our beautiful peninsula on the map and now you can point it with your finger, falling 210km / h from 4000m. 

The jumps at this location take place from June to September. Skydiving ALWAYS depends on the weather conditions. 

If you are looking for additional holiday attractions, being in such a beautiful place, you are in the right and exceptionally BEAUTIFUL place.