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Do you feel your heart racing to your throat as the airplane door opens? That’s the moment when, in tandem with an experienced instructor, you leap into the sky’s abyss! The wind whistles in your ears, and the ground slowly approaches. It’s freedom, adrenaline, unforgettable emotions. Skydiving is a lifetime adventure waiting just for you. Dare to fulfill your dream and taste true freedom! We perform skydiving in the following locations: Cracow / Bielsko Biała / Hel / Nowy Targ

If someone tOLD you about tandem skydiVE in Poland - means probably

YOU can do a tandem skydive with US

Discover the sky with! Our team of professionals will ensure you a safe and unforgettable skydiving experience. With us, you’ll feel not only the thrill of excitement but also the highest standard of service. Join the ranks of those fortunate who have pushed the boundaries of possibility and experienced true freedom.

With, every jump is a guarantee of extraordinary memories. Dare to fulfill your dream and taste the essence of true freedom! Don’t wait, fulfill your dream of flying and book your adventure today!


Skoki spadochronowe Kraków

Szczurowa, located in Lesser – Poland, is valued for its beauty and unique history. However, there exists a lesser-known Szczurowa… best seen from a bird’s eye view. The bend in the Vistula River and the extensive network of canals are impressive. The nearby location of the Niepołomice Forest adds to the charm, and in good weather, the clear chain of the Tatry Mountains can be observed during the flight.

Discover the magic of the sky in Lesser Poland, where history meets adrenaline!

The location of Szczurowa near the city of CRACOW allows for a wonderful, lively day combined with Cracow’s tourist attractions.

Skydiving at this location offers impressive views and unlimited airspace, allowing for a jump from the maximum height permitted by Polish regulations without oxygen equipment, i.e., 4000m AMSL.

Look for something more than Cracow in Poland...

Tandem skydiving is not just an exciting adventure, but also a unique opportunity to admire Lesser Poland and the meandering Vistula River from above. You’ll feel an indescribable sense of freedom as you, attached to an experienced instructor, jump out of the airplane and begin to glide freely through the air. These are the moments when time seems to stop, and you, floating above the ground, experience an extraordinary lightness of being. With each second of free fall, with every breath of cool, mountain air, Lesser Poland during the skydive reveals its secrets to you from an entirely new perspective. When the parachute opens and you start to gently descend to the ground, you’ll feel not just relief, but above all, euphoria from the journey you’ve just experienced.

Don’t hesitate, join the ranks of the brave who dared to face their fears head-on and fulfilled their dream of flying. A jump with Us is an unforgettable adventure that awaits just for you!

Our location: LSS Strzelce Małe Communal Airfield Szczurowa

The ability to perform a jump is ALWAYS dependent on weather conditions.

We also perform skydiving in the following locations: Bielsko Biała / Hel / Nowy Targ

Incredible skydive in Bielsko-Biała, southern Poland

We organize skydiving in our beautiful Polish mountains, the Silesian Beskids. We perform jumps from the airport in Bielsko-Biała. As we gain the altitude needed for the jump, we admire the beauty of the Polish mountains. In winter, while skiing, you might not realize how beautiful this place looks from a bird’s eye view.

The skydive is performed after taking off from Kaniów Airport, located 10km straight northeast of Bielsko-Biała.

After takeoff, the plane, gaining altitude, heads over the Silesian Beskids range. We have 20 minutes to admire the landscapes from the aircraft adapted for scenic flights and skydiving. Jumping in this location combines the fantastic adventure of skydiving with a scenic tour over this beautiful, picturesque place. See how the Silesian Beskids and Bielsko Biała look like from a bird’s eye view!

Discover freedom above the clouds and experience the unforgettable adventure offered by tandem skydiving in the picturesque Silesian Beskids, near Bielsko-Biała.  Allow yourself a moment of courage to break away from the ground and immerse yourself in the blue sky, where the horizons stretch endlessly and the views are breathtaking. Under the wings of an experienced instructor, you will feel safe, and every second of free falling will be filled with adrenaline and the joy of absolute freedom.

Skok spadochronowy w Bielsku Białej

A tandem skydive is not only an extreme experience, but also the opportunity to admire the charming landscapes of the Silesian Beskids from a completely new perspective.

This adventure is not only an extreme sport, but above all an extraordinary journey into yourself, discovering your own limits and crossing them. Let yourself be carried away by emotions, feel the joy of landing and take with you memories that will last a lifetime. A parachute jump in the Silesian Beskids is a unique adventure worth daring!

The possibility of jumping ALWAYS depends on meteorological conditions.

Our location: Lotnisko Bielskiego Parku Technologicznego

We also perform skydiving in the following locations: Cracow Hel / Nowy Targ

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