VALENTINES - PLN 10 for each year together


At least 10 days before the jump

Skok spadochronowy na Walentynki

Does love pay off? Of course not. How much time do we spend on activities that are not reflected in our financial situation, are irrational and do not affect our existence ... but .... There are things that we do not convert, have no currency, have no material value. Love, sensations, impressions, a moment, memory, memory ... that nobody counts, it happens, a short moment and disappears. Or maybe let's try to convert it ... PLN 10 for a documented year spent together. Each couple who document each year spent together (e.g. a photo with the date in the corner) will receive a discount for priceless moments in the sky in the sky, during the parachute jump with an instructor. 20 years of relationship and a PLN 200 discount for her and him. Send proofs of love by e-mail. or on our facebook fanpage -