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A picturesque location that takes your breath away !!


At least 10 days before the jump

Skydiving Kraków/Szczurowa

Szczurowa is known for its beautiful manors. The manor house in Dołęga, commonly known as the "Vistula Soplicowo", is one of the most visited luxuries in the Brest poviat. It is a place valued for its beauty and extraordinary history. However, there is Ratowa less known ... and better perceived from the bird's eye view. The Vistula bend and the developed network of canals looks impressive. The nearby location at the Niepołomicka Forest adds flavor, and in good weather, during the flight, we can see a clear chain of the Tatra Mountains. The location in the vicinity of Krakow allows you to spend a wonderful, lively day connected with Krakow's tourist attractions.

The jump in this location offers impressive views and unlimited air space, which allows you to jump from the maximum height permitted by Polish regulations without oxygen equipment, i.e. 4000m AMSL

Skydiving performed in Kraków / Szczurowa

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od 200 zł do 1119 zł

od 200 zł do 1119 zł

od 200 zł do 1119 zł

od 200 zł do 1119 zł

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od 200 zł do 1399 zł

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