Jump parachute with photo

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Jump TANDEM + FOTO + FOTO RELATION free of charge!

  • A jump between 3,700 and 4,000 meters with a tandem pilot
  • Pre-jump training – conducted by a qualified pilot tandem
  • Overalls and parachute goggles – for the duration of the jump
  • 25-minute sightseeing flight
  • Certificate with hologram confirming the execution of the jump
  • Discount coupon 10% for the next jump
  • Parachute bag – souvenir
    Voucher valid for 12 months
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A jump between 3,700 and 4,000 meters with a tandem pilot


  • Pre-jump training – conducted by a qualified pilot tandem
  • Overalls and parachute goggles – for the duration of the jump
  • 25-minute sightseeing flightPhoto report includes 100% jumping (preparation for jumping, flight by plane, jumping, free fall with a closed parachute,LOT FOR TIME WHEN you steer a FISHERIES WITH SPACE and say hello to friends from 1600m or tell a girl how much you love her, landing, congratulations after the jump and handing over a certificate and a commemorative cup) + 100 photos selected from 200 taken during the jump, photos changing to music. Certificate with hologram confirming the execution of the jump
    Discount coupon 10% for the next jump
    Parachute bag – souvenir
    Voucher valid for 12 months
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