SPECIAL OFFER NA LATO - teraz 12Ozł taniej!


for 4 full

for 4 full

If there are two, three or more of you, this package is for you !! Each first and subsequent person pays only 1000 / person for the package (jump with film and photos). The normal price of such a package for a single person is PLN 1,250. Savings on one stroke up to PLN 250. The more of you there are, the more you save. Remember that if there are at least 7 people, we have a separate offer for you. For more details, please contact us by phone.

The jump ticket is sent in electronic or paper form for an additional fee. IMPORTANT!!! In this offer, we send one personal voucher for all people covered by this offer.

Możliwość realizacji voucherów przez 36 miesięcy. Po 12 miesiącach dalsza aktywacja vouchera odbywa się zgodnie z regulaminem strony.

Skaczemy w:
Krakow, Beskid

Skydiving is performed seasonally from April to the end of October

Today, everyone has a pair, no matter who or what you have in common, it is important that you are FOUR and you want to do it together ... .. jump with a parachute sitting next to each other on one plane.

The packages are enriched with an additional 60 photos, so there will be plenty to see for the four of them

  • Jump between 3700 and 4000 meters with the tandem pilot
  • Pre-jump training - conducted by a qualified tandem pilot
  • Jumpsuit and parachute goggles - for the duration of the jump
  • 25-minute sightseeing flight


The 100% jump video includes (preparation for a jump, plane flight, jump, free fall with a closed parachute, FLIGHT ON THE TIME WHEN YOU CONTROL THE PARACHUTE and greet friends from 1600m or tell the girl how much you love her, landing, congratulations after the jump and handing a certificate. and SURPRISE Gift) + enlarged photo file 60 pieces selected from 200 taken during the jump + photo report for free (photos changing to the music placed during video editing right after the film) !!

  • Certificate with a hologram confirming the performance of the jump
  • 10% discount coupon for the next jump
  • Surprise gift!
  • A smile on your face for the next 48 hours 🙂

Serious things, entrust serious people. Trust the best.