When you are going to do something for the first time usually you have doubts. Help others to remove them. Describe your experiences emotions doubts which accompanied you before the jump. Share your joy!


Tandsnow is a fantastic team, we did tandem jump and it was an amazing experience! They are so friendly, helpful and professional.

12 July 2017

I recommend it to anybody who is undecided Professionalism and a nice atmosphere and after leaving the plane an injection of adrenaline which no one else is able to give you Special thanks to instructor Peter.

25 June 2016

It was the second time I jumped, the first time was in Gliwice and on May 28Th this year in Konin and this time Mariusz made the grade. Full professionalism. arek Niedbał age 64 cordial greetings for the whole family

24 June 2016

A Surprising gift from my husband 🙂 The first impression is stress, but after a short conversation with Mariusz Taran and the instructions I believed that I can do it!!! Thank you 🙂 Impressions cannot be compared to anything else … incredible adrenaline and at the same time a sense of security provided by the instructor’s Thank you very much for an incredible experience Mariusz 🙂 I recommend it to everybody who want to do something unusual … For those who are wondering – is it worth it?? I have only one answer – you will never find out if you don’t try!!!!! Regards

21 June 2016

The atmosphere clobbers the whole fear. You gave yourself in the hands of a professional staff and jump. I recommend to everybody in order to defeat fear and anxieties. I am delighted and I am not able to describe what has happened. It was just amazing.

15 June 2016

Wonderful experience, a fab team, incredible atmosphere everything was superb I have never experienced anything like this before I defeated my weaknesses and fears and when everything ended, a tear of happiness appeared in my eyes. Thank you!! It was wonderful I recommend it to everybody who is still hesitating. Thank you guys you are great

14 June 2016

The best decision made on the spur of the moment but to such people as mariusz and Robert one colud not say no. A professional approach a great deal of humor. I recommend to everybody. Emotions which could not be described by words. Guys if jump then only with you. We will meet somewhere again for sure because, I admit openly I liked it very much I told you that I would be back and I was I Jumped with you the second time. I recommend t anybody there even nothing to think about it is just superfly.

14 June 2016

A professional team I forgot about my fear of heights I defeated my weaknesses and the jump gave me such an elbow that you could not imagine. Nothing is impassible it is enough to want ant if you want you can regards sirs and see you because I will repeat another jump with pleasure.

14 June 2016

A Fantastic adventure Mariusz, the instructor and Peter (mosquito), together with the whole team starting with the pilot, the girls entertaining and folding parachutes the guys who jump as well and take pictures, it is a great team that helps people to get rid of weakness. Professionals in every inch 🙂 I would recommend Tom, Jacqueline, Matthew 🙂

23 May 2016

Here was great excitement indescribable experience and faboulous . Videos on you tube do not reflect the adrenaline that live up experiencing indescribable feeling you have to experience to know how it is I REALLY RECOMMEND jumping and the atmosphere and instructors thanks for the great emotions and day

15 May 2016

Sunday 17.04 I received from my dear, wonderful husband a birthday present jump with a parachute. After a prior appointment with a very pleasant  and businesslike with Mr. Mariusz, we went to the airport in Kaniów near Bielsko, where welcomed by a wonderful weather but a little too  strong wind worries the experienced instructors. After a short while the wind calmed down and the decision to start was made. After a short briefing, accompanied by Mariusz I went to the plane for a meeting with my the adventure of my life Even the flight to a height of 5000 meters  provided me with a lot of experience and great views of our beautiful Beskidy Mountains. Finally we reached a suitable height and there was a  moment when I faced all my fears. The door opened anddddd ………. I heard only a loud GO……. What happened later, I do not know I only know that the free fall and descent with a parachute was one of the most wonderful and the greatest experience of my life with the help and thanks to the excellent skills of Mariusz Taran I landed softly on the lawn next to the runway, ending my “dream of flying” this way Mariusz, thank you  for a wonderful experience, professionalism and above all the attention to safety and satisfaction of your customers. One thing is certain, it was my first jump, I hope that there will be more….. Well, you know…… I have your telephone number…..

27 April 2016

A gift from her husband hit the jackpot em :). A Parachute jump is an experience not to describe. Of course, there is fear but … After the jump free fall is incredible, when you open the parachute there is a fairy tale. Full Respect for Marius, professional in every way and at the same time all the stress and with a large dose of humor I :).
I recommend It to all those who hesitate. Just something beautiful.
Once again, THANK YOU and I hope that even a repeat.
I RECOMMEND It to anybody

11 April 2016

For such moments we live – the experience is amazing!!! Hard to describe I;) ti is obvious that when you have to make the decision it is hard to make up your mind and yoump but now after the jump with full conviction I can say that when someone hesitates – LONG JUMP !!! You will not regret, this adrenaline the views of this state of mind is indescribable moments of the jump I will remember for a long time, at some point up wanting me breathless when you so freely rolled down but shortly after the opening of the parachute everything was back to normal, beautiful and unforgettable experience that I recommend to anyone really the jump was worth any price. I was afraid charging but without any problem after lifting the leg landed calm friction butt on the ground on the green gras Thank you very much Mariusz who was my assistant jumper because everything was worked out at the highest level and final emotions are simply unforgettable . With the recording of this leap further they perpetuated in my memory. Thank you. Greetings

3 April 2016

For me personally, it was a whole series of amazing experiences. A civil flight with aircraft Cessna … watching the beautiful panorama around the airport.. mountains, water, buildings, fields, forests … through the window on the airplane from the height of several hundred meters … and jumping finally … free falling for several seconds … the moment of opening the parachute … quiet gliding towards the airport from an outstanding height still and finally landing. Beautiful, wonderful experience for … well.. And Mariusz professionalism, enthusiasm, humor, excellent contact …

2 April 2016

Above us the blue sky and sun, beneath us the beautiful clouds and the rush of air. Later gentle descent with a parachute, the earth getting closer and closer. Finally, the soft landing and regret that this is the end. Great adventure for everyone, regardless of age. Besides the professionalism and atmosphere. I would recommend to anyone, You will find out on your own that it is worth to realize such a small life `whim` em :). Mariusz will take care of you to be very happy. And the admiration of friends, priceless :))

19 September 2015

The jump for me consisted of two phases: adrenaline (free fall) and aesthetic (gliding). Before jumping I tried to imagine a free fall, but this is what I experienced significantly differed from imagination. It was “hard” but not aroused in me anxiety, and the more fear. There`s no time for that. It was great. The second phase is already quiet gliding, watching the views and control the wing, under the control of Tarana. In general, a wonderful experience. I`m glad that I decided to take this leap. I recommend to all, even mature people over 60 ten. This must be done at least one time in your life. Regards Tarana my “guardian angel”.

13 July 2015



For only one hundred zlotych you can become an owner of a unique voucher for a tandem parachute jump. You can give the voucher as an original gift or use it on your own during any weekend till the end of the season. The price of a voucher is treated as a deposit for a jump. The rest of payment will be settled directly before the jump.

To order the voucher contact with us at 500-042-268 or click on BUY A VUCHER and order it. We invite you. KRAKÓW, Bielsko - Biała, Zakopane as well.

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